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Bernard Mac Laverty was born in 1942 in Belfast. On leaving school (A-levels in English and Chemistry) he worked as a laboratory technician in the anatomy department at Queen's University, Belfast.

Queens University Belfast

When he was 28 he left that job to become student of English Literature at Queen's University where he graduated and also gained a teaching qualification. He moved to Scotland where he taught at various schools in Edinburgh and Glasgow until 1981 when he gave up teaching in order to write full time. MacLaverty began to write at the age of 19, as something to do "after the dot disappeared on the TV set." His breakthrough came in 1977 with a collection of short stories: "Secrets and Other Stories".

Love and family matters, particularly the father-son-relationship, are a central topic in MacLaverty's writing. His own father died when he was only 12.

He lived for some time on the Isle of Islay, but has now returned to Glasgow. He is married with four children.

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